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Electronic service platform of SAVANT MILLS CO LTD
linkusbiz artificial intelligence

The Service

Linkusbiz.com is an Electronic service platform of SAVANT MILLS CO LTD. A private sector innovation hub for the strategic pairing of trading and partnership offers across markets. We promote trade partnerships through technology and business innovations. We build business strategies through business development and integration, as a means of on boarding business brands across different markets.
Linkus Business platform serves as a catalyst for growing + high growth economies and their businesses to perform across different markets by building an interchange. A center for activating business interest and the collaborative network that supports Corporate goals. Linkusbiz.com engages with businesses across various continents in order to meet their target.

We Build Business Networks

Linkusbiz.com gives Businesses and Companies the leverage to excel through structured leads and resourceful business community support designed to fuse human capital with goods and services where and when needed.

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4965 Us Highway 42 Ste 1000-38 Louisville, KY 40222 USA.

Monday-Saturday: 8am - 4pm


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