Business Activation

Generate more sales and more brand visibility.

At Linkusbiz, Business activation simply means planning your brand for immediate customer response in a new market of your Interest. Because your business needs to grow, we support you every step on the way. From data derived information, business referrals, roadshows, digital marketing etc, we set a plan that launches your business for a successful outcome. Your business will begin to generate more sales and more brand visibility.

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Business Activation: “Stand Out” Touchpoints

Business Activation Is a designed scenario and opportunity to connect a company’s brand to its target customers in a coordinated way. Your company’s success hinges on its connective links between your product/brand with your customers. By demonstrating why your brand is the right choice for consumers. Business activation across Africa is one essential concept we engage in.

With three quarters of global manufacturing output happening outside Africa, eliciting consumer preferences in Africa and tailoring African peculiarities to your brand, is one key method of completing sales and establishing an enduring Brand identity. Africa is a 1.3billion consumer market with diverse product/service inflow. Being able to compete favorably requires a brand activation plan. It is a long term growth strategy that consistently offers consumer touchpoints on your brand.


Knowing more about your Brand will enable our Business activation team at linkusbiz.com to design touchpoint concepts that will activate and heighten consumer notion about your Brand.

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Your Business advantage could be outlined as follows:

  • More Business relationships. [Lead generation]
  • Improved knowledge of product/service specifications for future product/service models. [Research & Development]
  • Stronger Brand identity. [Market dominance]
  • Know-Your-Customer data for new product/service introduction. [Supplier network]
  • More sales [Increased Customer base]

Let us know more about your products and services. You are just one step away from being ACTIVATED. Email us at: activate@linkusbiz.com

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