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Where brands come to meet large audiences.
Online is the new platform that creates efficiency, real time results and swift engagement. Virtual exhibitions enable brands to meet large audiences. We work with various online exhibition platforms to deliver sales and network platforms for our clients. It enables buyers to know and see your brand globally. With growing numbers of buyers on our various online exhibition platforms, We are leading a revolution. Enhancing conventional trade shows with current virtual realities. With online exhibition Brands are seen quicker in a cost effective way.

Online Exhibition: Virtual Reality

Online simply means being technologically enabled to act, represent and decide how results, decisions and conversations could take place from any location based on a purpose. “Working without boundaries”.
Technology is advancing trade shows and exhibition grounds in a new dimension. From the travelling cost of attending an exhibition to the unprecedented lockdown associated with pandemics, both are connected in slowing the pace at which we do business. Online exhibition is the new norm that accompanies your business goals without boundaries or restrictions. Anytime Anywhere.

Linkusbiz | exhibition
Linkusbiz exhibition


At linkusbiz.com, We are working with leading business Innovation companies in building online exhibition platforms that deliver top notch virtual exhibition services globally. From Digital imagery, product samples, electronic links, corporate bio etc, a typical trade exhibition booth is created virtually for your business. The world can now see your business identity through multiple channels.

For example,

  • When a company enroll for a physical exhibition in China where 5,000 physical attendees are expected to visit. Proposed attendees may be absent due to some uncontrollable factors like: travel cost, sudden change in business itinerary or Covid-19. Remember, It is a location
    based exhibition.
  • Online exhibitions are different. The number of online visitors far outweighs physical attendees. Mainly because of two major reasons:
  1. Online exhibition pulls a larger global visitor because it is virtual or online. It is not time sensitive. All it takes is to subscribe and have your exhibition booth designed by our team of software engineers.
  2. Online exhibitions are more convenient. Since it is online, the zeal to drum up attendees’ participation is more cost-effective than a physical travel trip to an exhibition or the travel uncertainty surrounding it.
It costs Brands and their businesses less to exhibit online. It also gives them a larger audience to showcase their products and services. Online exhibition is a new revolutionary technology. We are working meticulously to ensure best business practices exist. Which ultimately provides a real life experience for all participants present in a virtual trade show. Are you operating a brand conscious business? Do you want to reach a global audience with your products or services? Let’s introduce your brand to the best fit online exhibition platform in our offer.

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