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Offering strategic business services that revolve around our clients/members businesses for their eminent success.

Growth Network

Linkus business, We are your growth partner. “Our Interest” is a dynamic business ecosystem where our clients objectives & offers are pooled for synergy and positive outcomes. The mission behind linkusbiz.com is for our clients to achieve business goals and sustain positive growth into the future.

Linkusbiz Growth

Business Representation

Business representation is simply the act of entrusting business/corporate rights through a documented authorization given to an entity [LINKUS BUSINESS] by a brand to act on their [The Brand] behalf. Under such parameters, a business representative conducts business representation on behalf of your brand/company in order to meet set goals in the authorization agreement.

Business Activation

At Linkusbiz, business activation simply means planning your brand for immediate customer response in a new market of your Interest. Because your business needs to grow, we support every step you take. From data derived information, business referrals, roadshows, digital marketing etc, we set a plan that launches your business for a successful outcome.

linkus activate

Corporate Profile

Corporate profiling is an introduction aimed at capturing the attention of your intended buyers/Clients and informing them about your business/company in brief and yet clearly. We design Corporate profiling to make a powerful impact around what you do and a good first impression to potential clients in your target market. A good Corporate profile earns the interest of your prospects. It is an Introductory business model that creates a strong engagement sequence in your business development, sales and marketing plans. We call it “The Business Prelude”.


Our E-forms are designed to assist companies join their Corporate profile into our platform for more corporate and brand visibility. A first step value in our service offerings to you.

linkusbiz e-forms

Online Exhibition

Online is the new platform that creates efficiency, real time results and swift engagement. Virtual exhibitions enable brands to meet large audiences. We work with various online exhibition platforms to deliver sales and network platforms for our clients. It enables buyers to know and see your brand globally. With growing numbers of buyers on our various online exhibition platforms, We are leading a revolution. Enhancing conventional trade shows with current virtual realities. With online exhibition Brands are seen quicker in a cost effective way.

Market Insight

Your success is anchored around the knowledge and insight you have. Working with our team of business professionals across different economies supports ambitions and prepares your business decisions for better results.


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