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APPLY AS A BUSINESS CONTENT PARTNER works with business content creators. Content is everything. Its potentials in idea creation, knowledge development, and innovation can’t be overlooked. We encourage ingenuity that enables insightful knowledge and business integration. We support the knowledge base that excels enterprises. Talent with experience means a lot to us.
Are you experienced in documenting business insight with reference to different regional economies? Do you know much about how to impact Business development and growth? is your content hub. Upload your business content/articles and become part of the smart economy. Our growing network of Business Content Creators is building a formidable hub for work and knowledge-based opportunities in a wide array of business understanding.

Selection Methodology

Content creators are allowed to join Linkus business on the following criteria:

Enterprise Experience

We want creators with the mindset and zeal to undertake and complete projects. At least with two (2) completed enterprise portfolios on their business track record.

Active Online Presence

Creators with an active Online presence through which their business articles and works are delivered as solution based knowledge. Business content creators with an active online presence within the past 18months, are welcome onboard


A Business Content Creator with an in-depth knowledge on a region or continental business environment is important. Such vast knowledge/experience is necessary. Example: Do you have an in-depth knowledge of African or European business environments?


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Interested in being a business content partner to LinkUs?

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